In today's modern, fast-paced environment, carpet cleaning needs to be performed quickly and with as little "wait time for re-entry" as possible. Well, we have you covered. With TOTAL CARPET ENCAPSULATION, we have the ability to get your carpet cleaned quickly with minimal "down time.' In fact, you can virtually re-enter immediately after the job is finished. Why? Because Carpet Encapsulation is actually DRY CLEANING!  That's right!! Unlike traditional steam cleaning and hot water extraction where lots of hot water is injected into your carpet, padding and onto the sub floor beneath, very minimal water is used in the process of Total Carpet Encapsulation and therefore potential water damage is eliminated and dry time is almost immediate.

What does this mean for you?

Faster dry time
Cleaner Carpets
No need for water extraction
No tracking on wet floors
No damage to wooden sub-floor
No funny smells afterwards
Deodorized carpet
Longer lasting Clean
and more.

What's not to like? Give us a call and we will schedule a consultation and see if Total Carpet Encapsulation is right for you. We do both residential and commercial carpets.


Pictures above demonstrate the BEFORE and AFTER cleaning capabilities on even the toughest, well worn-in stains where heavy foot traffic has been present on a multi-unit apartment hallway carpet.